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Visiting Digontory’s View

CHURU ‘Janpad’ is surrounded by sand dunes and booststemperatures  ranging from below freezing at dawn in winter to 50° c in height of summer. An unreliable monsoon supports a single crop of Bajra and Moong / Moth (pulses). It is drought-prone area of Rajasthan where harsh desertic conditions prevail. Therefore, this JANPAD iseconomically and educationally backward. For girlsthere was no scope available where they can get higher education. Realising the vital importance of providing higher education facilities to the girls, visionary social workers and the doners of this area devoted to the cause of social upliftment to education,came forward to established this Girls’ College at District Head Quarter Churuunder the leadership of late Shri. Mohar Singh Rathore M.P.

 ESTABLISHMENT OF COLLEGE – With the permission of Govt. Of Rajasthan an U.G College for girls named as CHURU BALIKA MAHAVIDYALAYA, CHURU was started on 12th August, 1981. It was officially inaugurated on 31st August, 1981  by the then Education Minister of Rajasthan State Late Shri Chandan Mal Baid.

2. CATEGORY AND STATUS– At present the College is self financed PRIVATE college. Awell managed and well disciplined pioneer college of the area, who is imparting higher education to the girls of churu district and other neighboring districts.

  •   मुझे पूर्ण विश्वास है कि चूरू चेरिटेबल ट्रस्ट चूरू नगर एवं समीपस्थ क्षेत्र की महिला शिक्षा के प्रसार को प्रोत्साहन देता रहेगा। मुझे यह भी विश्वास है कि आपका यह प्रयास औरों के लिए भी अनुकरणीय बनेगा। :- 
 जे.एम. श्रीवास्तव शिक्षा निदेशक, राजस्थान (1987)
  • चूरू में शैक्षणिक विकास के इतिहास में बालिका महाविद्यालय की जो यह कड़ी जुड़ी है, यह अत्यन्त महत्वपूर्ण घटना है। चूरू नगर के उदारमनाव्यक्तियों और कार्यकर्ताओं की सतत् निष्ठासेही यह महद् कार्य सम्पन्न हो सका है। :- पद्मश्री कन्हैयालाल सेठिया (1987)
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